About our Auctions

There are so many benefits to Buying or Selling your Property at an Auction
The misconceptions that Auctions are reserved for distressed properties, or that it is a hunting ground for bargain buyers, are steadily changing & more and more serious Sellers & Buyers are opting for this Auction Process, over the more traditional sales channels.
Auctions show a higher confirmed sale rate than that of the more traditional real estate methods. Auctions are a process that are regulated, transparent & offers instantaneous results. The Seller retains control & has the right to set their price at an Auction.

Why Choose this Process
  • Creates competition through competitive bidding
  • Efficient and convenient
  • Internationally accepted method of sale
  • Accelerated marketing and sales process
  • Non-suspensive sale
  • Market related values are realised
  • Unify sellers and buyers on an even level
  • Buyers are forced to compete within a dedicated time frame
  • Exclusivity – property is highlighted in the market
  • Seller’s terms and conditions
  • Transparent outcome
  • Defined Time Frame
  • A high percentage of Auctions receive a bid
The process is regulated and transparent. It offers quick results in a predetermined time frame. The seller sets his price and so does the buyer.
It's all about You.

What is the process we follow?
  • Seller & Agent will agree on a Reserve Price
  • Seller will sign the Auction Mandate
  • Professional Photographs and Video are taken
  • Advertising & Marketing material is prepared
  • Property is listed on Website, major Property Portals and dedicated marketing channels
  • Auction Boards are prepared for outside the property and displayed on Social Media platforms
  • Campaign is put in place
  • Strategic Database Marketing Campaign is launched
  • Compilation of a comprehensive Bidder's Pack
  • Viewings are arranged for 1 Hour prior to the Auction
  • Property is SOLD to the highest Bidder
Ideally we require 21 - 28 Days from date of Mandate to Auction

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