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You Realty, way ahead of the pack since Jan 2016, allow me to run my own virtual business. I choose my working hours and which area I want to work in. Excellent support, unlimited advice, and supreme assistance, which is always available from the principal agent himself, and all those in key admin roles. On-going training and motivation. So grateful to You Realty for everything they do for me and my colleagues. Here's to many years of success and growth for this national brand.

I love working at You Realty because The ongoing training means we are always kept up to date on any changing laws and regulations In the country which is vital to running your own little business. The company's ethos is one of pure professionalism and ethics and makes me proud to be a part of this environment

“Virtual” agency extremely appealing (even pre-Covid) Fantastic commission structure split, including a portion of savings after 3 years Incentive to recruit new agents Fabulous back-end Admin. support Ongoing training
Victoria D

We work together as a team , very supportive in every area, lovely commission and the good training empowering us for our business. I love the way we respect each other and to have a wonderful CEO like Trevor. Lets continue with a good spirit.

Team You. Realty is exactly that, a team! We support each other whether it's closing a deal or welcoming a newborn to your family! The team is always helpful for anything at any time! Amazing support structures that are built into You. Realty. Also providing all the stepping stones you need in reaching your goals in becoming the best real estate broker out there! Training is also very helpful and informative and teaches you things from start to finish!

I love working for You Realty, the way our Virtual environment is set up allows for so much interaction between Agents, Admin and Management, as if you were in a Physical Office - you don’t loose out not knowing anything or not being involved in anything. It is structured and organised in such a way that I am able to perform my Daily Activities or conclude a deal and at a click of a button have all I need - whether it’s a document or an answer to my question, there is a prompt response. As much as You Realty expects from it’s Agents - it gives the exact support each Agent needs. I have everything I need to succeed in Real Estate

Working for You Realty is truly a unique and awesome way of being involved and working in the property business. Our management team is dedicated to offering up to date tech support in all fields and top class ongoing training in every aspect that is needed in order for us to be professional property practitioners. Team You Realty is an amazing team of real people who care , share, motivate and inspire each other to achieve each one's maximum potential. You Realty is an exciting and inspiring company to be involved with. May we enjoy many more years of growth and success together. Thank You !

Being part of the You team is such a great experience as there is great support and I have learnt so much from the team. Extensive training is provided by management which helps enhance our skills and capabilities. Great work ethics and excellent service to its clients.

I am proud to be part of a team that is both professional and friendly. The support received from management is unparalleled and creates a relaxed but motivated environment. The You Realty team comprises caring, skilled and balanced people who motivate you to do and become better as a person. Thank you to every member of the team's management and admin and I look forward to much success in the future. 👌 👍 God bless

I am proud to say I've found one of the best Virtual Companies ever. The structure, tools, training and support that Yourealty”s management provides for their Agents is phenomenal. And to be part of a Virtual team means positive vibes, sales, motivation and strong will. You team truly changed my mindset and Iam learning everyday to become the best I can be with this amazing backup and support from Admin, Management and Operations….

I love working at You Realty because, we are a close connected team taking over the property industry, we work hard and we work smart, we have the freedom to work from anywhere in the world with such a great infrastructure that we cannot fail.

Joining You Realty was one of the best and finest choices I have ever made. Not only is it an exciting Estate Agency, but the support we Receive from Admin and our Principal is ongoing and endless. You Realty is a Virtual Agency and our time is our own. We are a group of highly professional and motivated Agents. Service is our priority and our name just says it all. I can truthfully say that it Is an honour to be working in this Company. I have achieved more than I ever Could have imagined.

Best Agency to work for!! Being a remote agency, I have flexibility and not restricted to office hours. I love working from home. Big bonus is the excellent back up support and ongoing training we receive. The admin team and the principal are always willing and able to assist. Great commission structure too!

Never believed working for a company would be so much fun and enjoyable. You have to be here to find out. With the excellent commission split and bubbly team and a principal who is way ahead of the property game, makes it easier to navigate and work with people because at You. Realty it’s always about You.
Daniel A

I decided to join You Realty initially because of the super attractive commission split and incentives that are offered. After being here for almost 3 years I've realised that the back office admin team, training and continued assistance in all sectors of the industry for our team is why I am still here! Coming from one of the Big 5, this is by far the best company i've worked for and would recommend anyone aspiring to be a Property Practitioner or any experienced Property Practitioners to not waste anymore time and JOIN OUR TEAM!

Working at You Realty is freedom and versatility with a GREAT team! Being virtual means that we get to work from anywhere, anytime allowing us to be flexible and efficient. Our team has a fantastic vibe that celebrates our victories. Our admin team is nothing short of phenomenal, nothing is ever too much for them , they continually go above and beyond for each and every one of us. Our principal is super knowledgeable and always a step ahead of the game. He is always a phone call away for advice. I love the regular and up to date training- it is always so informative. In this industry there is always something new to learn. With You Realty we learn hard and have fun too!
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Excellence and innovation are at the heart of You Realty's ethos. Values like passion, expertise, and attention to detail characterize the work of our property professionals. Get ready to make your best career move and explore our job opportunities.
  • No Area restrictions
  • No Restraints
  • 75% Commission payable (before Tax)
  • An additional 2.5% is put into a savings account. This is paid out every 3 years
  • 2.5% incentive for every property practitioner you introduce to the team
  • Rentals and Sales allowed
  • Fantastic management support
  • Zoom meetings and training
  • Use of all major portals
  • Assistance with logbook and NQF4/PDE
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